Captives of the City

A short compilation from the workshop I did with chamber Made Opera last year.

Captives of the City – Demo from dave jones on Vimeo.

Whether it makes the final show or not I think my favourite thing was the little pico projector getting towed along as JAcob manipulates the projected puppet. I think theres some great potential here for hand held battery powered projectors to get animation into some pretty interesting places.

There another workshop coming up in March so hopefully another chance to keep experimenting.

Firstly though I’m about to head up to APAM2014 to help unleash the MadeInNatimuk brand upon the world and see if we cant get any of the shows we’ve made remounted. Some of those projects were so much work to bring together it seems a shame not to give them a chance at another run.

So fingers crossed….and more in a bit.

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