Balance – Part 1

Right in the thick of pulling together a new puppet show called Balance.

Really pretty excited about this one.

I brings together a lot of the bicycle power stuff I was playing with during the previous Nati Frinj Festival  (Red vs Blue and Somethings Afoot) and marries it with a bit of puppetery and a whole new world of automata that I’ve been enjoying delving into.

All the puppets and bits are made of old circuit boards and the basic premise is that the island (which is the central feature of the show) on the knife edge of being cut from the grid has a week to find itself a Balanced alternative and sustainable way to power itself.

Part puppet show, part forum theatre. Lots of fun. If anyone else has half as much fun as Im having making it it ought to be a roaring success.

Thanks to RAV and the Australian Children’s Theatre Foundation for giving me the chance to make this happen. Its an idea that’s been slowly brewing in the back of my brain for a long time and this is a real chance to coax it into reality.

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